Halalbaik- Restaurant Online Food Delivery Solution

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Abdur Rahman Bin Usman




User Research, Ui Design, Branding, Development

Project Duration

4 Months

About the project

This solution facilitates seamless interaction between restaurant businesses and end-users, offering a user-friendly platform for effortless exploration, ordering, and obtaining comprehensive overviews.

The Problem

Our survey uncovered key user pain points, including lengthy checkout queues, the hassle of visiting multiple food stores for out-of-stock items, and the frustration of missing out on sale updates.


Halalbaik online food delivery solution: Your ultimate food companion, seamlessly blending website and mobile application experiences for a comprehensive culinary journey. Uniting a user-friendly interface with cutting-edge features, Halalbaik is the go-to solution for all your food-related needs, and what sets it apart in the crowded world of food restaurant.


The design process involves a series of structured stages aimed at creating effective solutions to problems. It begins with research to understand the problem and user needs, followed by idea generation, prototyping, testing, and iteration. Collaboration and iteration are central to the process, ensuring that the final design meets user requirements and objectives. After implementation, ongoing evaluation and feedback inform further refinements and improvements.

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Working process

I am committed to helping you develop your projects from the discovery, strategy to the design process.
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  • User Research: Understand the target audience, their needs, and behaviors.
  • Competitor Analysis: Analyze competitors to identify industry standards and opportunities.
  • Market Research: Understand trends and best practices in the industry.
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  • Define Goals: Clearly outline the goals and objectives of the project.
  • Scope Definition: Identify the features, functionalities, and constraints.
  • Create User Personas: Develop personas representing different user types.
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  • Layout Design: Create low-fidelity wireframes outlining the basic structure and layout.
  • User Flow: Define the user's journey through the application or website.
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  • Visual Design: Create the visual elements, including color schemes, typography, and imagery.
  • UI Elements: Design buttons, forms, navigation bars, and other interactive components.
  • Design System: Establish a consistent design language for the entire project.
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  • Front-End Development
  • Backend Development
  • Testing & Deployment
  • Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Feedback and Iteration
  • Documentation
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  • Usability Testing: Conduct usability tests to identify any issues with the design.
  • Bug Fixes: Address any issues discovered during testing.
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  • Implementation: Deploy the finalized design to the live environment.
  • Monitoring: Continuously monitor user feedback and system performance.
  • Maintenance: Provide ongoing support and maintenance to address any issues.
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  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Content Creation and Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Technical SEO
  • Monitoring and Analysis

User flow Map

A user flow chart visually maps out the steps users take to achieve their goals within a product or service, highlighting key actions, decision points, and potential pathways.
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UI Components

Our meticulously crafted style guide ensures a consistent visual identity, boasting a clean, modern design that prioritizes user-friendly elements throughout.
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Branding Design

Branding design involves creating a cohesive visual identity for a company or product, encompassing elements such as logo, color palette, typography, and imagery to evoke a distinct personality and leave a memorable impression on customers.
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Low-Fidelity Wire-frames

Low-fidelity wireframes serve as basic, skeletal outlines of a digital interface, conveying layout and functionality without detailed design elements.
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Website Visual Output

Website design involves creating the visual and functional elements of a website, including layout, navigation, typography, color scheme, and imagery, to ensure an engaging and intuitive user experience that aligns with the brand's goals and target audience preferences.
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Mobile Apps Visual Output

Mobile app design focuses on creating the visual and interactive elements of an application for smartphones or tablets, considering factors such as screen size, touch controls, navigation patterns, and platform-specific guidelines to deliver an intuitive and engaging user experience.
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Dashboard Visual Output

Dashboard design involves creating user interfaces to display data and key information intuitively for quick analysis and decision-making.
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Halalbaik revolutionizes food delivery by connecting consumers with local halal restaurants, streamlining the ordering process, and promoting community support.
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